SPEED CAMS: Windsor Heights Denied Again

windsor _heights_235

The city of Windsor Heights has hit another road block in its effort to get speed cameras along Interstate 235.

The city proposed adding cameras at both 63rd and 73rd streets, but on August 1st the city got a letter from the Iowa Department of Transportation denying the request.

The city appealed that decision and recently received notice from DOT Director Paul Trombino III that the appeal was denied as well as a request for a Contested Case Hearing on the matter.

In a statement, Windsor Heights Police Chief Dennis McDaniel responded, “While this is certainly disappointing, it is not surprising. In an effort to address high risk driving behaviors, the City of Windsor Heights has been both genuine and transparent in its attempt to implement a proven traffic safety strategy. At this point the City has no other choice but to seek any and all judicial remedies in an attempt to rectify this situation.”

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