FIRE RESCUE: Neighbors React To Fire

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Fire departments from five metro cities fought a house fire Thursday morning on 64th Street in Windsor Heights.

On top of the cold and the rain, fire crews had to battle the wind. The combination meant changing up their tactics in order to get the fire out.  “The cold rainy conditions tend to keep the smoke low so we had a lot of smoke obscuring the fire ground,” said Windsor Heights Fire Chief Christopher Cross.

No one was home at the time; neighbors that called 911 and notified authorities.

“We were just sitting in the front living room and saw, we thought it was just like fog, just from the morning,” said next door neighbor Meg Rude, “the whole front of their house was smoking and then we ran to the back deck and the whole back of the house was in flames.”

Rude said the fire chief was already at the house by the time they noticed the smoke and flames. Rude quickly called her neighbor, who is also a close friend of hers, to break the news.

“I was just in tears so it’s so devastating just to see all that they lost,” said Rude. On the phone, her neighbor told her that his dog was in the back room of the house. Rude quickly found the fire chief and told him. A little while later, the dog, Jetta was carried out of the house safe and sound.

Unfortunately, the home itself was not as lucky.

“There’s an extensive amount of damage inside the house,” said Chief Cross, “the fire started on the back deck, worked its way up the side of the house and into the attic.”

Fire fighters said they did what they could to help the home owner’s situation as much as possible, including trying to push as many belongings together and covering them with a tarp them so that they were protected from water or debris.

Jetta the dog has already been to the vet for a check-up and the home owners say she's going to be just fine. Meanwhile, the fire department is working with the residents to make sure they have a place to live. Fire officials are still investigating what caused the fire, but don't believe it's suspicious.