MEASURE A: What Does It Mean For Voters

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When Polk County residents go to the polls, they will see a special measure on the ballot.

Voting ‘yes’ for the Polk County Water & Land Legacy bond measure, also known as measure A, would allow Polk County to borrow $50 million to buy land for preservation near developing areas.

The Measure A Campaign Manager Mark Langgin says there are several reasons they are asking people to vote for the measure.  The number one reason is improving water quality. They also hope to protect the Des Moines River, Raccoon River and their tributaries as well as sources of clean drinking water for Polk County.  

Approximately $18 million would be used for land and habitat protection.  Another $25 million would go to park and water body improvements and the remaining $7 million would be used for trails.

Iowa Tea Party leader Ryan Rhoads does not think Measure A is a good idea.  “It’s really not necessary for Polk County.  Especially when the courthouse needs to be renovated, that’s going to be coming down the pike soon.  This is one more thing to add to property taxes that the people of Polk County just don’t need.”

If the measure were to pass, the projects would be done one at a time and would have to get normal County Supervisor approval before starting.