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MORNING BUZZ: Debates, DOMA, and Twitter War

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Good Morning!

I know I know.  it’s been a long time.  It’s a long story and maybe I’ll tell it some time.  

The News


I’m late in my assessment of the Presidential debate.  I’ll join most people in saying the President came out with more energy and probably won the day.  I think that happened, however, on momentum rather than overall performance.  The President finished strong and Gov Romney fumbled a few questions that really should have allowed him to easily score some points.  The question about Libya and the moderator Candy Crowley jumping in to the President’s defense has been the focus of a lot of debate.  i don’t think Candy Crowley was jumping in to save the President… I think she was honestly trying to move the conversation on.  I also think she saved the President because any more conversation would have led to debate over the administration’s response.

I can’t get over the Binder of Women flap online.  Governor Romney had a terrible answer to the question.  The young woman asked…should I get paid equally for equal work.  

The answer is yes… they should.  That simple… and if that’s where he’d started his narrative about his time as Massachusetts Governor and the binder of women he might have done better.   Instead a story about his own effort to find more women for the leadership positions in his Cabinet gets lost in the Big Bird answer of this debate.  


Another Court strikes down the defense of marriage act as unconstitutional.  How many Courts have to come to this conclusion?  I guess just one more…

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the fight over Judicial retention this year in Iowa.  I  have a couple of questions though.  Would there be an effort to oust any of these justices without the Varnum decision?  If the answer is yes… what other decision have the justices ruled on that are activist?  If no, then isn’t this really a fight over gay marriage and not Judicial competency?  If it is a fight over one issue… is that really how you want to choose Justices and judges?  Just some food for thought.  I think we will get more answers to these and other questions in the coming days and weeks.  

Twitter War

Jeriann threw down the Twitter gauntlet this morning when she head I had a few more Twitter followers than she did.  Predictably, she had more followers by the end of the show.  This means I have to get breakfast.  It makes sense.  She actually gives out useful information in her daily Tweets.  For the record though I’m @PatrickWDix.   She is @JeriannWX.  Have a great day!