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EARLY VOTING: Satellite Locations Open On Saturday

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Even though there is still 17 days until the election, people were still lining up to cast their vote early.

“Election day with it being on a workday, I have to be at work at 7:30 in the morning and I don’t get done until six so it gets a little bit tighter to get to my polling station, we were out doing our errands anyway so it was easy enough to stop by here and get it taken care of,” says Wendy Robinson of Des Moines.

There were several satellite voting locations open today including this one at Dahl’s on Ingersoll.

The Polk County Auditor’s office says they’ve seen big numbers of people wanting to vote early.

As of Friday, nearly the office has had nearly 73,000 requests for early ballots, and had 45,000 already returned.

Voters out today, say with so many places to cast your vote, it makes the whole process easy.

“I think it’s a great, great change that we’ve made to make it easier to vote because this is all very official, and feels very comfortable to do it, but it’s also very convenient to do it early and when we go to the grocery store,” says James Oliver of Des Moines.

You can cast your vote during the week at any auditor’s office, plus many satellite offices will also have special hours leading up until the election including next Saturday.

A complete list of locations to vote visit,