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MURPHY’S LAW: What the #$%^&, QB? Anyone?, Rudock and Richardson Time

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By: John Sears

Saturday was painful.  Whether you’re a Hawkeye or a Cyclone, Saturday was extremely painful.

College football is crazy.  Iowa and ISU get crushed, Duke is bowl eligible. 

That was the worst home game I’ve ever seen from Iowa, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot.  Statistically was it the worst in the Ferentz era?  No.  There have been 3 worse losses at Kinnick stadium under Ferentz, all 3 happened in Kirk’s first 2 years.  This was worse than those 3.  Iowa won 4 games in those first 2 years, beatdowns were expected.  This game could have been 60-nothing.  It was embarrassing.  National stage, under the lights, and Iowa lays a bigger egg than a pregnant T-Rex.  They were dominated in every facet of the game, every facet, you name it, it went wrong.  

I have no idea what has happened to James Vandenberg.  No idea.  I feel really bad for him.  You honestly won’t meet a nicer guy in the world, he answers every question after every game, win or lose.  He’s the All-American kid from a small town.  But as far as playing QB, he just doesn’t seem to have it.  His regression is hard to explain.  Last year JVB threw 25 TD’s, right now he’s on pace for 5. He looks lost, his accuracy is gone, his pocket presence is non-existent.  I can only think of 1 reason for this, the brand new Greg Davis offense.

Greg Davis has a 1 year contract, I think Ferentz needs to look long and hard at this offense at the end of the season.  Davis’ offense has worked in the past at Texas,  this isn’t Texas.  I’m not so sure it will work at Iowa.   

Jake Rudock should have played against Penn State.  He deserves a shot.  His redshirt has been used.  When your starting QB is struggling as much as Vandenberg is, the backup deserves a shot.  I have no idea if Rudock will be better, but it’s worth a shot, at least for a couple of series. 

Bill O’Brien can coach.  Who knows if he will be at Penn State in 4 years, if he is, watch out.   

Speaking of QB’s, they’re in search of one in Ames as well.  Jared Barnett was yanked at Oklahoma State, Steele Jantz was worse.  I’m not sure either of these guys have ‘it’ to take ISU to the next level.  Each time they take a step forward they follow with 3 steps back. 
Sam Richardson?  Who knows.  I think he deserves a shot as well.  Rhoads has thrown him in to the mix when asked about Jantz/Barnett so maybe its time he gets his shot.  He is ‘supposed’ to be a more accurate passer.  That’s what they need. 

This isn’t all on the QB’s, the entire offense is struggling, but the QB is the focal point, and for ISU the starting point.    

I didn’t expect Iowa State to win against the Cowboys, but I did expect the Cyclones to put up a better fight.  They were underdogs by 14 points, I would have put $$$ on ISU.  I’m glad I don’t bet.  

The ISU offense could only muster 10 points and 240 total yards.  That won’t get it done in the Big 12.  While the passing game is bad, the running game isn’t much better.  4 of 17 on 3rd down, yikes.     

I give the ISU defense a B-.  Unfortunately they needed an A+ performance to have any chance of winning.  While they held Okie State 18 points under their season average, they gave up 625 yards.  They were gassed, missed tackles, gave up big plays, it wasn’t the best effort from a defense that’s been really good all year.  Up next, Baylor, who’s averaging 48 points a game.  

Getting to 6 wins will be extremely difficult for both the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.   Who would you put your $$$ on?