AID FIRED: Woman Involved In Murder Fired

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A school board in Conrad has unanimously decided to fire a teachers aid after they found out she took part in the torture and murder of a teenage girl almost 50 years ago.

Paula Pace's past has finally caught up to her.  For decades Pace lived a double life to mask her history; even worked as a teachers aid at a high school in Conrad for the past 14-years, all the while hiding the secret that  she took part in the torture an murder of a 16-year-old girl.  It was considered to be the worst case of child abuse in the history of Indianapolis. 

Back in 1965, Paula Pace, then known as 17-year-old Paula Baniszewski, along with her mother, siblings and some neighborhood kids, tortured and killed 16-year-old Sylvia Likens, who had been staying with the Baniszewski family.

Balinda Wallen has known Pace for 30 years.  "First thought is it isn't really her." Wallen said, "Then it's confirmed that it was.  It's just hard to believe."

The sheriff’s department told the school about Pace’s past after they received a tip.   No criminal investigation is underway.