BRANSTAD PREDICTION: Undecided Votes To Romney

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Gov. Terry Branstad is reminding Iowans how important the state could be on election night.

Since Iowa has just six electoral votes, he couldn’t say Iowa will be the state that determines the next president. But he is making a prediction. He says undecided voters will end up siding with Gov. Mitt Romney.  

“I think there’s just a lot of people in this state that really had big hopes for Obama but have been deeply disappointed,” Branstad said at a Tuesday news conference.

Branstad compared this year’s race to 1980. He said polls were close near the end but the votes of the undecided went in large numbers to the challenger, Republican Ronald Reagan and led to a landslide victory over Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

Branstad isn’t expecting a landslide decision this and says it should be close.