MURPHY’S LAW: Three’s a Crowd, Vandy’s the Man, Adios Ozzie

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By: John Sears

Two’s company, three’s a crowd.  Welcome to a crowded ISU QB position.  Through 7 games Jared Barnett and Steele Jantz have been through more ups and downs than the tornado rollercoaster at Adventureland. Because of this, redshirt freshman Sam Richardson has been thrown in to the mix.  Paul Rhoads did not want to comment at all on the QB controversy, in fact Rhoads said he was ‘mute’ on the topic.  Practice will decide the starter.
I don’t think Richardson will start, it will be either Jantz or Barnett.  However, if things go awry quickly against Baylor I think Richardson should get a shot.  He deserves a shot. I assume he’s put in just as much hard work as Barnett and Jantz, which means he deserves a shot.  Will he be better?  I have no idea. Paul Rhoads has no idea.  Richardson is supposed to be the better passer, that’s what the Cyclones need.

James Vandenberg will be the starting QB at Iowa the rest of the year, no matter how much fans want to see Jake Rudock.  Kirk Ferentz respects JVB too much to bench him.  I understand that, to an extent.  I treat this scenario like Iowa State.  If Vandenberg continues to struggle Rudock deserves a shot.  I’m not saying he will be any better, but the backup deserves a chance when the starter is struggling so much.  What could it hurt?  What message does that send to your backup QB if you continue to play the starting QB even when all of his stats rank near the bottom of the entire country?  I have a gut feeling JVB will have a ‘breakout’ game this weekend at Northwestern.   

Ozzie Guillen was fired by the Marlins on Tuesday.  They still owe him $7.5 million.  Lucky man.

Ndamukong Suh had another ‘questionable’ tackle of Jay Cutler Monday night.  _Suh wrapped his leg around Cutler as if to trip him while body slamming him during a sack.  There’s no doubt his intent was to injure.  Now, was it illegal?  No. Football is a violent game. But it wasn’t necessary.  Suh is vicious, violent, and really really good.  Dirty?  Maybe.  I’d take him on my team.

I love ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary’s.  The most recent one on Ben Wilson (1980’s star high school basketball player from Chicago who was murdered) was great.  The interviews, video, storytelling that these documentary’s entail are really really good.  If you haven’t watched them, you’re missing out.