PAROLE DENIED: Rodriguez To Remain In Prison

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Tuesday a parole hearing was held for a man involved in a gas drive-off that killed a Des Moines father and Iowa Air Guardsman in 2009.

Orlando Rodriguez is serving 10 years in the Anamosa State Penitentiary for vehicular homicide.

He appeared before the Board of Parole on a live television feed Tuesday morning in order to plead his case for work release.

“I’m taking all this time to reflect on what I have done, what I want to do.  And you know, hopefully, I’ll get out there and apply everything,” said Rodriquez.

Rodriguez pumped the gas that he and his brother, Santos, stole from the Casey’s on Park Avenue. It was evening rush hour in September of 2009 when Santos sped out of the parking lot and crashed into a motorcycle. The rider, Bruce Mundy, was killed.

Orlando Rodriguez took an Alford plea. He only admitted that the evidence against him was overwhelming and he would likely be convicted.

Tuesday, Bruce Mundy’s family begged the parole board to keep Orlando Rodriguez locked up until his release date in 2014.  

“And I know I can’t bring my father back, but if I can do what I can to keep him locked up a little bit longer to hopefully prevent, for as long as possible another life to be lost or lives to be impacted the way ours has been, that’s what I’m here for,” said daughter Brianne Mundy.

The three-member board ordered Rodriguez to stay in Anamosa for another six months. After that, they will consider moving him to a minimum security prison but he will not be given work release at that time.