SOLDIER SENDOFF: Army Reserve Unit Deploys

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Ninety-five soldiers with the Army Reserves are on their way to train for a mission in Afghanistan.

Families and friends gathered around the soldiers with the 402nd Engineer Company, which is based out of Fort Des Moines, Wednesday morning.

"The soldiers are excited.  Family members are a little apprehensive about their soldiers going to Afghanistan," says Captain Troy King.

The so-called Sappers will spend two months training at Fort Bliss in Texas. Their mission Afghanistan will be to search for IEDs and clear roads.

"They do have a lot of first time deployers, but there's a lot of experience in this company," says King.

Most of the soldiers are from Iowa.  King says they've spent the last 12 months preparing for this mission, so family members have been preparing for this deployment.

"They’re ready to go, I know that," says Grace Parsley.

Parsley and her family came to see her husband off.

"The sooner they leave, the sooner they come home and we have faith in them…they'll come home safe,” she says.

The 402nd Engineer Company should be boots on the ground in Afghanistan around Christmas.  They will spend the next nine months there.