BODY IDENTIFIED: Police Look For Killer

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Des Moines police have identified the body that was found near Principal Park Wednesday afternoon.  But they’re still looking for the killer. 

Police say 56-year old Stanley Golinsky was murdered, but they don’t know why or who is responsible.  Golinsky had a rough life, and an even rougher death. 

He was homeless.  Police say they couldn't find any local relatives. 

Golinsky had a long arrest record; mostly alcohol related offenses.  Other homeless people say he kept to himself, and couldn't keep away from the bottle. 

Don Mills has been homeless and living on the streets of Des Moines for about 25-years.  He knew Golinsky, and knew what he went through.  "I've been through what the guy's been through." Mills says, "Probably worse except he's dead.  By the grace of God I'm still going. I've took many beatings."

Police are asking anyone who may have seen Golinsky between Tuesday and Wednesday at four in the afternoon to give them a call.