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JOB REJECTION: Fired Employee Rejects Job Offer

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A Des Moines man fired over a 49 year old arrest has refused to take his job back.

A few months ago, Richard Eggers was one of hundreds in Iowa who lost their jobs with Wells Fargo, after the company enforced federal regulations meant to protect consumers from financial fraud. He immediately started fighting that decision, and isn't stopping now.

Eggers said turning down the job offer wasn't an easy decision, “I was eager to take the job back. I was unemployed of course and I certainly need the employment.”

Wells Fargo fired the 68-year old after a background check uncovered a 1963 conviction- Eggers was caught putting cardboard dimes into a machine at a Laundromat. But right as Eggers was about to get his job back, he said he realized this fight was no longer just about him.

“If all the publicity and all the media attention I had received were to result in just one person getting their job back, it was a waste of time and money,” said Eggers.

In a statement, Wells Fargo said its disappointed Mr. Eggers did not accept the offer:

"Unfortunately, in rejecting our offer to return to work and demand a number of unreasonable conditions, Mr. Eggers and his lawyer have not recognized our responsibility to apply the law equitably and fairly for all our team members."

Eggers is working with his attorney to make a permanent change to the way the company terminates and treats employees.

Right now, that means a lot of paper work, but soon, it could mean taking legal action.

Among those who came to Eggers' aid during his appeal was Senator Charles Grassley. Grassley said he's questioning the enforcement of federal regulations that are meant to protect consumers from financial fraud.