Flash Flood Warnings and Watches


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This past weekend I went to my first Hawkeye game. Putting aside the outcome of the game (they didn’t play so well) and therefore the depressing demeanor of just about every Hawkeye fan at the game, I had a great time.

And it started pretty early. Man you Hawkeyes like to get an early start on your tailgating! But what I noticed as we were setting up the grill and laying out the snacks, was just how diverse a crowd it really was. I think it’s so cool how every age is drawn to this team, and just how into people get! I love all the Hawkeye clothes, and games, and grills and signs and hats- it not only gears you up for the game (even me – an Iowa transplant! I’m a Gopher, went to the University of Minnesota) …

All ready to go in our Hawkeye gear!

  ….it’s also really neat to look at! (see picture below).

The view from my 9th row seat!

Well it was fun, but of course the fun had to end, and I had to come back to work… no, just kidding. I actually enjoy what I get to do. And this week hasn’t been an exception. My week started off with a story about the new bus depot downtown. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend taking a gander. It’s really neat looking. And besides how it looks, it’s going to be so much safer than the set up that’s happening now on Walnut Street.

DART Bus Hub Downtown Des Moines

But what that story really opened my eyes to, was just how invested the city of Des Moines is in furthering and growing the city, specifically downtown. Growing up in the Milwaukee area, and then going to school in Minneapolis, the term “downtown” always seemed to carry a certain weight with it- a certain exciting quality. It always seemed like that’s where things were happening, that’s were you wanted to live, where you wanted to shop. I really give leaders and local groups credit for their efforts to make that happen here. I’ve always appreciated the downtown area since moving here (the downtown area I was used to in Sioux Falls was kind of tiny- super cute, but tiny.) But now it’s definitely on my list of places to show visiting guests.

Which brings me to one more personal point- I have some guests coming into town this weekend. As a matter of a fact they just got here! My parents! Any suggestions on where to take them to “sight see”, eat, or explore? I’m open to suggestions! Saturday during the day my mom and I are walking in the Susan G. Komen event, and at night we are all attending a Halloween benefit for JDRF (any guesses as to what I’m going as?) but they are here from now until Monday, so that gives us some time to explore and enjoy Iowa! I’m looking forward to it for sure. :)