DOG RETURNED: Family Pet Home After Adoption Mix Up

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A little dog who caused some big problems is back with her Boone family today. 

Stella ran away from home last month.   Her owner, Marc Riker, did the right thing, he called the Boone County Humane Society and reported her missing.  The Humane Society found Stella, but instead of returning her, they sold her to another family.  Now, that family has returned Stella; and that came as quite a surprise to the Riker’s six children.  "I beat them home and they got off the bus and they were just excited." Marc Riker recalls, "They were just so surprised. Just screaming Stella's back.  Stella's back.  Mouths wide open

The Humane Society admits it made a mistake, but adds, the Rikers should have been more aggressive about checking back to see whether Stella had been found.