FINAL STRETCH: Romney Ames Visit

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As if he was taking a page out of President Obama's 2008 playbook, Governor Romney used the very word that propelled his opponent to the white house against him.

"Americans are ready for change," said Governor Mitt Romney.

A "change" in economic policy was the focus of Romney's speech in front of 3,500 supporters in Ames.

On the same day that the commerce department reported 2% annual expansion in the U.S. economy, Romney challenged the president saying that rate isn't enough to create more jobs and increase take home pay for the middle class.

"Where are the jobs? Where are the 9 million more jobs the president promised his stimulus would have created by now," Romney said. 

Without offering many specifics, Romney shared his five step plan to create a stronger middle class.

It includes eliminating programs he calls unnecessary, achieving energy independence by investing in coal and natural gas, and opening up more markets for agriculture and small businesses.

"This economy is going to come roaring back. We're going to create 12 million new jobs in the first four years. We'll see rising take home pay."

Despite the chilly weather, supporters like Ames resident Lon Jeremiason summed up Romney's sales pitch.

"I think he did a nice job overall," Jeremiason told Channel 13 News.

In a week and a half, Romney will find out if it's enough to win like Obama did in Iowa four years ago.