MORNING BUZZ: Campaign Visits, Police Chase and Trick-or-Treating

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Happy Friday from Megan! Patrick is preparing for his 20th High School Reunion, as you read in his blog yesterday. I’m excited to hear the stories and see pictures of his “Zhoozhing” of sleeves.

Jeriann and I held down the fort here on Today in Iowa, along with the rest of the crew it takes to put on a 2 hour morning newscast. Our overnight MMJ Jenny Hettmann reported from Ames along with morning Photojournalist Trent Reicks. She says organizers are expecting a big crowd at Kinzler Construction. The set up looks elaborate and crews were already working early this morning for the noon speech.

We also had a story about a late night chase. Officers were keeping an eye on two cars on the city’s southside when they called in back-up. The two cars took off in opposite directions when the marked car arrived. Police eventually stopped both cars about six miles from each other. Two men ended up booked in the Polk County jail facing multiple charges. I still don’t understand why people try to run from Police. They always seem to get caught and are in even more trouble!

Finally, Halloween is still a few days away, and my kids have already been trick-or-treating twice. Last night, I took them around to the Altoona Business Trick-or-Treat Night. Area businesses, organizations and churches hand out candy and other fun items. I think the idea is genius! In addition to a bunch of candy, my kids got a piece of pizza, ice cream, mini soda and an apple (for good health) from area businesses. It took care of dinner, they had a bunch of fun and I got the chance to check out a few new businesses. One salon even had a game where adults picked out a sucker and got the chance to win free and discounted services. I’m sure the businesses picked up new customers!

I must confess, I’d love to collect my three kids’ candy to give out Tuesday for Beggars’ night. I won’t, but if I did, this Halloween would have cost me nothing this year. The boys are wearing the same costumes from the last 2 years: Thomas the Train and Elmo. My daughter is a Fairy Princess, which my brother gave her this summer.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm!