PLATE READERS: New Technology In Cruisers

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Des Moines Police are taking technology to a new level in a few of their cruisers.

Police are installing automatic license plate readers in three of their new vehicles.

The department will use the technology to help locate stolen vehicles or plates.  They can also use the readers to locate a vehicle during an Amber Alert.

The readers can scan hundreds of plates a minute and even have infrared capabilities to work at night.  The readers should be ready to put to action, next week.

Police say they know it will make a difference to those who are patrolling city streets.

Chris Scott said, “This will be extremely helpful for officers out in the field to recover stolen vehicles, it will be extremely helpful from an investigator standpoint to maybe identifying suspects, maybe identify where suspects were at, that type of information.”

The ACLU of Iowa had concerns that the license plate readers wouldn’t protect citizens’ rights, but said after meeting with the department they are optimistic it will be a policy both sides can agree on.