TEAM EFFORT: Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors

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Breast cancer survivors, their families, and thousands of supporters will take to the streets of Des Moines Saturday morning for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

"Tomorrow for us is just saying hey you did this, and we're all so proud of you and we're all behind you 100 percent until the end,” said Sarah Moore from Boone.

 Kathy Reinhart was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. Last year, she and her team, "The Dirty Skirts" ran to support the fight against breast cancer, this year they're running to celebrate her as a survivor.

Her team of nine raised $5,000 in donations for the race- the largest amount raised by a group their size this year. Kathy said that's not the only way these girls have helped her through this.

“I just have them for support. They are wonderful. They brought me freezer meals they cleaned my house, they were amazing, they'd take my kids to the park if I needed anything they have been amazing. I don’t know how I could have done it without them,” said Kathy Reinhart, Breast Cancer Survivor.

You can cheer the "Dirty Skirts" on Saturday morning. Their 5-K race begins at nine.  It starts and ends at the State Capitol.