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AIR GUITAR: Ames Inventor Gets Idea

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If you've ever wanted to play an air guitar or air drums along with your favorite music, you are not alone. Ames inventor David Dorhout explains, “I was just driving home one night and I was listening to the music on a radio station, beating along on the steering wheel, all of a sudden it kind of popped in my head.” He added, “wouldn't it be cool if I could create music kind of control it with the movement of my hands?”

So the electronic device called "Scuffin" was invented. A sensor shows hand motions translating to a box which can play sound clips.

By day, Dorhout is a researcher for Pioneer in Johnston, but in his free time he has made prototypes in his basement.

“So it's kind of a combination of Air Guitar DJ Scratching and maybe a little air guitar too,” said Dorhout.

Dorhout is entered in a contest, which ends Tuesday, to raise investment cash to be able to produce 300 units of his creation, if you'd like to know more, check the website: