KEEPING WATCH: Iowans React To Sandy

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Some Iowans are keeping an especially close eye on Hurricane Sandy. Arthur Smith is watching coverage of the storm closely from his home in Des Moines. His two children- 10 and 12 years old- live just off the coast in Virginia, right in Hurricane Sandy's path. He and his wife Colleen have also been checking in with the kids and their grandparents on a regular basis.

“Every time the TV comes on I have to look, I have to see what’s going on,” said Colleen Smith.

“It really scared me knowing our kids were there, and there’s nothing we can do to help them,” said Arthur Smith.

So now they wait. The Iowa National Guard is also waiting; waiting to get that formal request for help.

“It’s all capability driven, if they need to rescue people, or move debris, or safe guard infrastructure,” said Col. Greg Hapgood. In the meantime, they are preparing for every situation. “We make sure we have a good inventory of the kinds of equipment we need on hand, the kinds of people with certain skills, on hand.”

The Iowa Red Cross has already placed volunteers in some of the areas anticipating a lot of damage, like Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

“My main concern will be getting food and water distributed to everyone,” said Red Cross volunteer Rick Ruble, in a phone interview from Pennsylvania.

Ruble said that they have requested trailers full of heater meals already, since most likely they won’t be able to rely on electricity.

“It`s a real game to try and guess it out but pretty serious that we are ready as we can be. There’s a lot of process going on, trying to be ready for the worst,” said Ruble.