Murphy’s Law: Steele Returns, Hawks Flop, NFL in London?

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By: John Sears

The Cyclones have a Quarterback, for now.  ‘Good’ Steele showed up Saturday night to torch the nation’s worst defense in Baylor. Jantz tied 2 school records, completions in a game (36), and passing TD’s (5).  Now, was Baylor’s D bad?  Yes.  But regardless, Jantz made the throws, he threw for 381 yards and managed the game.  Steele gets an ‘A-‘ from me.  Next week it ramps up, Oklahoma’s defense is much better than Baylor. 

Props to the ISU defense.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  They are LEGIT.  They held the Bears 27 points under their average.  This is the same Baylor team that dropped 50 on Texas and 63 on West Virginia.  Defense gets an ‘A’.  They’ll need an even better performance next week. 

There are a zillion rumors swirling about ISU LB Jake Knott.  First, the school newspaper reported he wouldn’t play Saturday, he did.  I’ve heard everything from he will play injured (shoulder) the rest of the year to his career is over.  I have no idea what exactly is wrong with Knott’s shoulder.  But I do know Knott is one of ISU’s best LB’s ever.  He’s as tough as they come. 

Iowa lost to Northwestern, again.  What’s new?  I’m not shocked or surprised.  We’re 8 games in to the season and Iowa still looks lost, they have no playmakers, lack toughness, and just aren’t very good.  It’s not all James Vandenberg’s fault, but he is the QB and they shoulder most of the blame.  

Iowa needs 2 wins in their last 4 games to become ‘bowl eligible.’  The obvious chances for wins are Indiana and Purdue, but neither of those are gimmes.  I think they get 6, but would not be surprised if they only get 4 or 5 W’s.  

The Greg Davis experiment is failing, miserably.  This is the only reason I can pinpoint to Vandenberg’s struggles.  How a guy can throw 25 TD passes one year, then have just 3 through 8 games the next year is beyond me.  JVB has no confidence, and I think it starts with Davis’ system.  Kirk Ferentz needs to take a hard look at whether to re-sign Davis after this season.  

So the NFL is talking about putting a team in London.  Chalk me up as a person who thinks this is a horrendous idea.  No one wants to play football in London, or wait… Awful.  

Is there anything more frustrating or more work than selling/moving/buying a house?  This process takes forever and is no fun no matter how you spin it.  I can’t wait for it to be done.