ERIN OFF CAMERA: Happy Halloween!


I’ve always loved Halloween.  There’s just something so fun about dressing up, and of course getting candy is a huge plus!

When I was little there was no place to go buy or rent the elaborate costumes there are today.  I remember my mom making a lot of my costumes.  One year I wasn’t really sure what I was.  I remember wearing wacky blue makeup (probably my mom’s groovy eyeshadow), a headband covered in tin-foil (maybe it had stars mounted on springs on the top?), a leotard and a cape.  I was a space traveler?  An alien?  Some sort of superhero?  Who knows?!?!  I didn’t care – it was fun.

What was your favorite costume as a kid (or adult)?

Last weekend my in-laws held a kid-friendly Halloween party and it was great….

The Zombie Hosts Beth & Matt

Beautiful Butterfly Olivia

Fabulous Flower Ella

Our nephew James was the entertainment … his Elvis is spot-on!

And our niece Katie makes a very pretty witch

Captain America (nephew Colin) is helping Batman keep the streets safe…

… along with Supergirl…

… and Robin was there for backup, too.


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