JAKE KNOTT: Despite Injury, Cyclone Star Feels Lucky

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It’s funny—Jake Knott is notorious for his slow, cautious driving, yet his own body has never been much of a concern.

Oh, the irony.

“I was with him in Chicago," said Knott's mom, Laura, "when after the doctor examined him and (had) doctor stepped out of the room, Jake’s like ‘Well, since surgery isn’t until Monday, I’m gonna ask him if I can play.’ And I was like ‘What?’”

The doctor said there could be no Novocaine, no pain meds at all, but if he could stand it, he could play.

“I knew that, hey, I can block this out, you know," Knott said at a press conference, Wednesday. "'I’m mentally strong enough to block this out.'”

Knott wanted one more game--for closure, but mainly to help his beloved team and coach.

“I told him if he thought it was effecting me or hurting the team at all, in any way, to pull me out," Knott said of head coach, Paul Rhoads.  "I wasn’t too proud to get pulled out.”

The rest is headed for Cyclone legend.

He dominated with 11 tackles and a forced fumble.  He was named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. The Cyclones beat Baylor, 35-21, and Jake Knott took his last walk in front of a record crowd.

“I knew it was going to be hard for him," said Laura Knott, "but as a mom, to see him happy for just a short period of time it was just a relief.”

Again with the irony—it’s the middle of the season, but he’s played his last game.  A guy who earned every minute gets cheated at the end.

But hear him out…

“Some tough times, some great times," he said through tears, "but I’m…I’m extremely lucky.  Even if it ended short.”

No regrets from the one guy who deserves to have more than a few.  It’s ironic.  But that’s Jake Knott.