BIRTHDAY WISH: Metro Man Giving Back

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A goal set a year ago is coming full circle for one metro man.

Nate Beaird wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday by giving back and to do so, it's taken the help from hundreds of people, some of which he's never met.

“Hey, I’m Nate, and this year, I’m turning 30 years old, but instead of a normal birthday party, I’m partnering with World Vision to combat malaria,” says Nate Beaird in a recorded video.

With this simple request, Nate set out to fight the deadly disease, by raising $30,000 by his 30th birthday.

That money will provide 5,000 mosquito nets to protect 10,000 kids from malaria.

Nate said it was a cause he could get behind.

“What I found out was these nets are super practical they're very inexpensive, and for the cost of a sandwich at a fast food chain, you could save two kids lives and I thought that was pretty incredible,” says Beaird.

Nate took his request to the internet, and with the help of social media his goal is becoming a reality.

“People from all over the globe have given a lot, people that have never met me and just believe in this project believe in these nets,” says Beaird.

Donations from 31 states and 14 countries have helped Nate get closer and closer to his goal, and on his 30th birthday, October 31st, he had reached $28,771.

Although, he hasn’t reached his goal yet, Nate’s hopeful by days end he will.

He says regardless he knows the money raised will make a difference.

“Now we're at the finish line, and I think it's pretty incredible that little by little we've stacked up to this amount and to think that I had something to do with it is very humbling to me,” says Beaird.

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