RAISING AWARENESS: Pastor Camps Out On Roof

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A Fort Dodge pastor is taking raising money and awareness to new "heights,” as part of a global initiative to raise $45 million dollars to wipe out malaria in Africa by 2015.

“There's all kinds of things out there, as you know, but this is preventable and treatable. We can beat this,” said Pastor Allen Henderson, with St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Dodge.

Pastor Henderson said he really wanted to get his community's attention, so he decided to spend six days and nights up on the roof of his church.

All the money raised goes directly to buy vaccines and mosquito nets. The organization in charge, the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, then flies to Africa on its own dime to deliver and administer them.

Henderson is half way through his stint on the roof, and already he says he sees the difference its making.

“Financially we're not where we want to be yet, the goal is still out there, but watching people, listening to people, having the chance to visit with moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, kids from middle school, raising awareness. Yes, it's a success,” said Henderson.

Since setting up camp on the roof on Sunday, the pastor has raised over $2,000.