MORNING BUZZ: Closing Arguments, Cynics and Chief

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Good Morning!

Grandpa Chief is coming to town today.  That’s what the boys call Sally’s Dad.  He, like a lot of Grandfathers, doesn’t think he’s a “Grandpa” yet so…Chief is what he decided on.  Anyway…the boys are excited.  They’ve transitioned finally to their “big boy” beds and are excited to show him.  We will also be carving a pumpkin…I know I know, we’re late…but Grandpa wanted to do this with the boys and I don’t think they care.

To the News:

Closing Arguments

No surprise the Presidential Candidates will spend a lot of time in Iowa the last couple of days.  Both Gov Romney and President Obama will be here twice in the next four days.  The President will actually make his last campaign appearance here in Des Moines Monday Night.  I don’t care who you are or what your political leanings are…that’s a moment. The first African-American President…who’s Caucus win vaulted him to his Party’s Nomination campaigns for the last time in his political career Monday night in Des Moines.  


I’m getting a chuckle out of the people online who are complaining Governor Romney bought some of the food and supplies his campaign donated to relief efforts on the East Coast.  The Campaign tried to turn a rally into a relief rally after Hurricane Sandy swept through New York and New Jersey.  They didn’t have much of a choice.  You can’t just disappear…you can’t hold a political rally.  So they tried to get supporters to donate to relief.  Now there are people who are calling the stuff the Romney camp bought “fake” donations.  Do you really think a person who has no food or clothing is going to turn down a bottle of water or a sweatshirt because it came from Romney?  Do you think they care?  

Of course Romney’s event was a photo-op.  That doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t genuinely care about what happens to all of those people on the East Coast.  He’s just not empowered to do anything about it.  The President is…and he went to New Jersey to visit people who’d lost so much in the storms.  I watched video of the President greeting storm victims in New Jersey.  He moved in for a hug after a woman stuck out her hand to greet him…  A cynic would say The President knows the cameras are on him and moved in for the hug because it’s a better picture.  A callous cynic would say The President is glad to have the ability to look “Presidential” during storm recovery and take headlines away from an investigation into The Benghazi attack.  

I choose not to see it that way.  The guy was doing his job.  He’s the President and seeing the situation on the ground affords him the opportunity to have a better understanding of the bigger relief picture from the Federal Government.  

I’m not saying both men are unaware of the political implications of their actions.  They are.  I just think…everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy.  Who cares if Romney bought some diapers and some water to donate?  I bet the people who need it don’t care.  

I hope you all have a great weekend.  

As always, if you have anything you want to add, criticize, comment on or whatever…feel free.