MURPHY’S LAW: Erin Is Princess Leia, OU Owns ISU, Donna the Deer Lady

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Let it be said, Erin Kiernan is a good sport. On our radio show, we re-cast the original Star Wars movie. Erin was the overwhelming choice of our listeners to play Princess Leia. Local realtor Mark Charter offered $250 to Erin’s charity of choice if we could produce a picture of Erin with her hair wrapped in cinnamon buns by the end of our show. Erin made it happen.

Here’s the picture, and the money, which eventually reached $350, goes to the Rally Against Cancer:

I’m headed to Ames Saturday to watch my wife’s alma mater take on Oklahoma. I can’t believe she agreed to a November football game–she hates being cold—but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Oklahoma has never lost at Jack Trice Stadium. That’s an impact stat. 14-0. I’ll take the Sooners, but it would be fun to be wrong…

I think the Hawks will win at Indiana. Maybe history is making this pick more than logic. I just think Iowa will play like a desperate football team, and if the Hawks lose to the Hoosiers, it’s going to get really ugly for the next month. Or longer…

I can’t believe Donna the Deer Lady. Is this real? Listen here: