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PLUMMER SENTENCED: Former Student Accused Of Attacking Officer

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A man convicted of attacking an Iowa City police officer will spend 30 days in jail.

Twenty one-year-old Branden Plummer of Urbandale was sentenced Friday.

Plummer attacked Sergeant Brian Krie last November.  Witnesses say Plummer choked the officer and slammed his head into a sidewalk.

Plummer was originally charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

During the sentencing, Plummer addressed Officer Krie saying, “I never wanted to hurt you, but that is no excuse for what I’ve done and I know that I cannot undo my actions from that day, but what I can do, and I’ve been trying to do over this past year, is demonstrate I’ve become a better person and I’m continuing to work on this.”

Authorities say Plummer was intoxicated when he beat Officer Krie.

At the time, he was a student at the University of Iowa.  He is now enrolled at Upper Iowa University.