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IOWA POLL: Obama Leading Romney By 5

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With the election just days away both candidates are making their final push for voters.

Both Presidential candidates stopped in Iowa on Saturday, and still have one more stop planned before Tuesday.

Saturday evening the Des Moines register released their final Iowa Poll before the election.

The poll shows President Obama with a five point lead over his Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney.  47 percent to 42 percent.

The President has gained one percentage point among likely voters since the last Iowa poll released in September.

Both campaigns know they still have to fight for Iowa voters in the final hours.

With just days left until the election, both candidates' frequent visits are making it clear Iowa’s vote is a priority.

“We're counting on your clear eyes, and your full hearts, because with the vote of the people of Iowa, we can't lose,” says Governor Mitt Romney at a campaign stop in Dubuque Iowa Saturday.

The President also made a stop in Dubuque to rally Iowa support.

“We have made real progress Iowa these past four years but we're here this evening because we know we got more work to do,” says President Obama.

The newest Iowa poll shows President Obama ahead by 5 points.

Des Moines Register Political columnist Kathie Obradovich says the poll shows 2 percent of voters are still undecided, however she says in the days coming the campaigns need to focus on making sure people just get to the polls.

“What it comes down to is getting your supporters out to vote, in greater numbers than your opponents.  So what's really going to be important is not trying to change people’s minds between now and election day but motivating your people to vote,” says Obradovich.

And that's exactly what both campaigns are doing.

President Obama volunteers spent the day making sure people were registered to vote and answering any last-minute questions.

“It's essential that everyone gets out and votes, because that's what will change the election, that's what will make sure their voice is heard,” says Obama volunteer Ryan Price.

It was the same over at the Romney camp.

Volunteers spent the day making phone calls to potential voters letting them know every vote counts.

“There's nothing more important for us here in Iowa and in the nation to achieve the right leadership and go forward in prosperity and get the job done,” says Obradovich.

Obradovich says both candidates have played up their strengths and the polls shows it.

President Obama comes out on top with who's more trustworthy while Governor Romney wins with working across the aisle.

“Trust has been a big issue since the debates, so he's (President Obama’s) really been emphasizing that.  Mitt Romney wins with who is better able to bring Republicans and Democrats together, bi-partisanship, he has really pressed on that issue since the debates,” says Obradovich.

The Iowa poll shows one major difference from four years ago, the number of early voters.

 Forty-two percent of likely voters say they have already cast ballots. 

Four years ago the same poll showed only 28-percent of Iowans voted before the election. 

Early votes could also create an uphill battle for Governor Romney in the final days. 

The President is up 22-percentage points among early voters; however among those who plan to vote on Tuesday, Governor Romney wins by eight points.