MURPHY’S LAW: Beardown, Cyclone Hawkeye Hoops, Cheetos Addiction

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By:  John Sears

Believe it or not the college basketball season is here.  Iowa and Iowa State both had exhibition tuneups on Sunday.  Both look like they could have very solid seasons.  I expect BOTH to make the NCAA tournament. 

I think both Iowa and ISU finish better than expected.  Iowa is picked to finish 8th in the Big 10, I think they finish in the Top 6, in arguably the toughest conference in the country.  The Cyclones are also picked to finish 8th in the Big 12, I think ISU surprises people and finishes top 5. 

Will Clyburn will be Iowa State’s top player, but I don’t think he will be better than Royce White.

Freshman Georges Niang looks like the real deal.  There’s a reason he’s a top 70 recruit.  

Iowa freshman Mike Gesell is for real.Gesell will easily have a ‘bigger’ impact than 7’1″ Center Adam Woodbury.  Woodbury will be good, but will struggle at points this season. 

A healthy Eric May will make a HUGE difference for the Hawks. 

Alabama is still #1 in the BCS rankings, Kansas St. 2nd, Oregon 3rd.  I’m torn by this.  Bama is a clear #1, but who’s #2?  Collin Klein is a great story and does it all for Kansas State, but Oregon is incredible.  I love their crazy uniforms and the way they score is relentless.  I think right now, I want an Alabama-Oregon National title game.  Offense vs Defense.

Beardown Chicago.  The Bears are 7-1.  51-20 over Tennessee on Sunday.  Jay Cutler is always a wildcard at QB, but the Bears defense is as good as it gets.  Stat of the day courtesy of Chris Hassel.  Iowa QB James Vandenberg has 7 total TD’s, the Bears defense has 8.  Legit. 

My daughter is addicted to cheetos.  I’ll admit I like cheetos too, who doesn’t?  But, my daughter could eat a whole bag of cheetos puffs every day.  Were limiting her cheeto intake, but it’s comical how much she loves them.   

I’m not big in to politics, but I already voted.  Everyone eligible needs to vote.