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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Fun, Food & Fitness

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Hello and Happy Monday, everyone!


I don’t know exactly how Murph & Andy ended up on the Star Wars kick on their radio show last week, but I was flattered when they told me that their listeners picked me to play Princess Leia in the Iowa version of the movie.  I mean – what woman wouldn’t be thrilled to be compared to this gutsy character?

But then there’s the hair.  The “cinnamon bun” hair.  When Keith texted me last Friday to tell me that listeners were offering cash to the charity of my choice for me “doing the Leia do” I cringed.  Then I laughed out loud.  Then Sonya and I were cackling like crazy ladies in the bathroom as I did this with my hair….

Thanks to promotions producer Kevin Rivers for helping me with this picture and rounding up Chewie (hey – Mr. Potato head had to work in a bind, just like my puny buns). 

An even bigger thanks to local realtor Mark Charter who started this whole thing with his $250 pledge.  I think we ended up with $350 total for the John Stoddard Rally Against Cancer.


It’s no secret that my husband and I love to eat.  We also both like to cook, though Michael is far better in the kitchen than I am.  We don’t go out to eat a lot, but in recent months we’ve stumbled upon three relatively new restaurants that we love – and they’re all in the same neighborhood!  If you haven’t been in Valley Junction lately here are a few good reasons to visit the historic area:


Cooper’s on 5th

G. Mig’s 5th Street Pub


The bad news about loving to eat … is trying to work it off.  The older I’ve gotten the more “trying” has become the operative word. 

To that end, Sonya and I and several of our friends are having trainer Irene McCormick   put us through the paces.  This is different from our usual “Workout of the Week” segment and we’re inviting you to try the program with us. 

On Wednesday at five you’ll see the first steps in this journey – fitness testing and body measuring.  We’ll tell you exactly what to do, both on the air and online.  Once we get to the workout sessions, we will give you detailed explanations of every exercise so you can do exactly what we’re doing.  Our hope is to increase the viewer benefit of this segment and get us all through the holidays without having to wear our fat pants! 

Of course we’re grateful to Irene – because of her generosity and genuine interest in improving people’s health you’re getting her expertise FOR FREE!!!

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