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JUDICIAL RETENTION: Campaigns Make Final Push

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They did it in 2010.  Now the same group is hoping to claim victory Tuesday night by unseating another Iowa Supreme Court Justice.

“We are feeling optimistic,” says Iowans for Freedom Executive Director Greg Baker.

The group wants you to vote "no" on the retention of Judge David Wiggins.  Iowans for Freedom has papered the state with fliers and mailers in the campaign against Wiggins. 

“We`ve had TV ads prior to early voting starting and just a few days prior to the election to inform both groups of voters.  We`ve got yard signs around the state.  We`ve got over 5,000 yard signs out, we`ve sent out over half a million emails,” says Baker.

Wiggins found himself in the crosshairs over his vote to legalize same-sex marriage.  The group successfully ousted the first three justices who came up for retention in 2010 and Wiggins is next on the list. 

“Judge Wiggins is one that we have a lot of information on.    We feel we have a strong case on why he should not be retained and that`s why we have kept the focus on Wiggins,” says Bakers.

Justice Not Politics is campaigning to keep Wiggins on the bench.  He is one of four justices up for retention Tuesday.

“We`re feeling good.  We`re feeling hopeful,” says Jessie Hill with the Yes and Retention campaign. 

“I think we`re seeing the politics shine through on that.  They clearly do have special interests and that`s why they are targeting Justice Wiggins.  That`s why doing our best to show our support for all four,” says Hill.

Their group rolled out a bus tour of their own, have thousands of yard signs and mailers trying to counter the "No Wiggins" effort.

Iowans for Freedom is counting on high voter turnout tomorrow with a strong showing in the western part of the state.  Justice Not Politics says its support is evenly divided across Iowa.