MORNING BUZZ: Polls, Only in Iowa and Lights

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Good Morning!

What do you all do when someone drives past you with their lights off at night.  I flash my lights.  I thought that was what you were supposed to do.  Apparently that’s a generational thing?  At 3 this morning I was driving down Ingersoll and noticed a guy up at about 16th and Ingersoll was waiting at the light with his lights out.  I flashed my lights.  Nothing.  I flashed my lights again…nothing.  I started flashing my lights as the kid drove by looking at me like I had two heads…I yelled out my window…”Your Lights aren’t on!”  It took about four or five seconds before he realized what I’d said and turned his lights on.  Good to know I’m not the sleepiest person on the road at 3am.


Well if you believe the poll from the Des Moines Register, the President is going to win Iowa.  I don’t.  I don’t believe any of the polls right now.  They’re all over the place.  Here, Florida, Ohio… there seem to be some clear trends.  I know they show the President trending toward a win…and way too many people are saying that’s the case.  It’s hard to ignore that many experts. 

That said, Jeriann will tell you, if the model data is wrong…you’re going to get a bad forecast.  I’m not convinced the polling is using the right data.  There’s an article on Politico that basically says the same thing.  Here’s why some Republicans look more confidant than they should.  

Only in Iowa

So we were walking through the skywalk Sunday morning with the Boys and their Grandparents.  We knew Gov Romney’s rally was going on and I expected a little more traffic.  We actually got a little more.  The boys were very excited to see the Romney Motorcade come down 6th on the way back to the Airport.  Flashing lights and sirens will do it every time for a 3-year-old.  

We kept walking toward the Savory and ran into Sen Grassley…who was just walking with his wife and a staffer.  My in-laws were surprised a US Senator would be strolling through downtown by himself…and that he would take a few minutes and stop to talk to us.  But this is Sen Grassley and this is Iowa.  Another reason I love living here.  

60 minutes

I don’t watch 60 minutes but a story Steve Kroft did last night caught my eye.  It was about the US Senate and how NOTHING gets done.  OK Sen Tom Coburn…one of the most conservative members of the Senate was in the story saying it would be better if voters just kicked the entire Senate out and started over.  After reading the account of the debt ceiling debate… I agree.  The problem is only partially the politicians themselves though.  Those of us who stand on the sidelines  and complain are also part of the problem.  Fewer people are willing to stand up and say they will work with the other side…compromise…and that the people who gave them financial support may not always get exactly what they want.  

I understand the argument from some who say the less Washington does…the better…but that has gone too far.  The Senate hasn’t passed a budget IN FOUR YEARS!!!  That’s not limited government…that is not principal.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Finally, please vote tomorrow…whatever your political affiliation.