MURPHY’S LAW: Election Prediction, Aaron Rodgers’ Complex, Aging Karate Kid

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I was just reflecting on what I’d miss most about the political attack ads. I came up with nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Quickly learning some people take political prognosticating the same way they do game predictions. They assume you’re predicting what you want. Never assume. I’ve said for months, and reiterated again today, President Obama will win reelection, and I don’t think the electoral vote will be that close.

It seems each election cycle gets more divisive. The nice gentleman painting our house asked me last week if I had voted yet, and before he could even finish his thought, I said, “I’d rather not talk politics.” He was just making small talk. But generally, there’s no discourse these days. People just want their opinions affirmed, and to shout down opposition. They learned how to do that by watching cable news shows.

Whatever you think, whomever you support, please vote. What a privilege we have here in the greatest country on earth.

I can’t imagine seeing the preview for Lincoln and not wanting to go see the movie on opening weekend. Rave reviews aren’t hurting either.

If Chuck Pagano’s locker room speech to the Colts didn’t move you, check your pulse.

Chris Hassel claims the Bears defense is outscoring Iowa’s offense. That’s not really true. It only seems like it.

I think most thoughtful Hawkeye fans appreciate and respect everything Kirk Ferentz has done at Iowa. I also think they know Ferentz isn’t going anywhere. I believe those fans are just growing increasingly concerned that Ferentz can’t get Iowa back to the top ten a third time.

Cyclone fans are proud Iowa State is more competitive against the Oklahomas of the world, but those fans also realize a big gap remains. Just not as big.

Jack Trice Stadium at Iowa State looked great Saturday. Memorial Stadium at Indiana did not.

Aaron Rodgers defensiveness about his height—he’s supposedly 6’2″—is fascinating, and silly. Take it from those of us who are 5’10”.  60 Minutes showed a clip of Rodgers being irritated at a fan who expected he’d be bigger. Viewers tell me the same thing all the time. Especially if Andy Fales and I are together (he’s 6’4″). When I first interviewed Joe Montana, I was stunned he was only slightly bigger than me. The guy sure played as if he were 6’4″.

The Buccaneers’ Doug Martin just ran for 251 yards and 4 touchdowns, which begs the question: Who the heck is Doug Martin? Turns out he’s the Boise State running back who didn’t propose to a cheerleader right after the Broncos beat Oklahoma.

I liked the latest Redskins throwbacks. How many uniforms does Washington have?

I do believe Terry Bradshaw was talking about Jimmy Johnson chasing a bucket of chicken, not Reggie Bush. There’s real racism in the world, let’s not go looking for it where it doesn’t exist.

Ralph Macchio is 51? The Karate Kid! That makes a few of us feel old. Check out Danielsan in his prime:

Here’s Jenny and me at JDRF. We were guests of our friend, Ed Wilson, and we love posing next to elephant paintings: