POLLSTER’S HOUSE: Gallup House In Jefferson

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Every day we hear how the presidential race is going through one poll called the Gallup Poll.  That poll is the one that showed it was possible to measure public opinion – and it’s named for the Iowan who developed it.

George Gallup, the founder of the poll was born in Jefferson, Iowa. Gallup died in 1984, but his birthplace in Jefferson is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The octagonal shaped home has been restored and is available to rent for family gatherings or meetings. Throughout the home are pictures and mementos of Gallup’s life in Jefferson, including a report card. Gallup got a 96 in Algebra in the 9th grade.

The house is one of only a few built with eight sides.

“That was so the storms would go around…so that the winds would go around the house. There were also thoughts too that in that kind of house the devil doesn’t have room to get in the corners…on that thought too,” says Angela Chapman.

For more info contact www.thegalluphouse.com.

There are also chances to stay at the house.