VOTING QUESTIONS: Jamie Fitzgerald Answers Voting Questions

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Where can I find a sample ballot online? I'd like to see the ballot to beforehand to make sure I know exactly what/who to vote for on Tuesday. (Allie Crummy-email)

  • We have all 190 different ballot styles for our 177 precincts available on our website. We also have a precinct look up tool to make sure you view the proper ballot for your area. You will need Adobe Reader to view these

I purchased a home in Windsor Heights and moved in July 2012. In August, I sent my voter registration card for a change of address but never got a new card. Can I still vote? Will they have my name in the Windsor Heights polling place? (Sue – email)

  • Sue, you are registered in Windsor Heights and will be in the book. For voters that do not know if they are registered, we encourage them to check and ensure they are registered to vote. The Secretary of State has an excellent site for this:

4 years ago, I lived and voted in Polk County. I am now married with a different last name and live in Story County. What do I need to do in order to vote tomorrow? (Chris Broshar-facebook)   

Do I have to show an ID if I'm not registered to vote or not registered at my current address? (Hope Johnson-facebook)

I just moved to a different county, can I still vote? If so, do I vote using my old address or new one? (Dave Glover-facebook)

  • If a voter is unable to show an ID they have the right to cast a provisional ballot.

How can people find out where their polling place is? (Hope Johnson-facebook)

Is there somewhere online to make sure my absentee ballot was received and will be counted? (Hope Johnson-facebook)

  • Yes, the Iowa SOS has a track my ballot feature on their website.
  • Please note that ballots returned to county auditor’s as “undeliverable” by the US Post Office will show as being delivered. If you did not receive your requested ballot, have lost or misplaced it, call your County Auditor’s Office. In Polk County, the number is 515-286-3247

What do I have to do if I received an absentee ballot but I haven't mailed it in yet? (Hope Johnson-facebook)

  • You can go to your polling site. They will then call the County Auditor to see if you had returned your ballot. If your ballot has not been returned, they will walk you through the procedure to ensure that you can vote at your polling place.

Since there are so many absentee ballots this year here in Iowa and across the country will winners be determined election night or several days later? (Carol Anderson)

  • Early votes are usually the first numbers reported from the counties. It is true that in a close election that early votes that were post marked on or before Nov 5th and arrive prior to the County Canvass will be counted.

I have heard that they don't actually count absentee ballots unless the vote at the actual polls is too close to call. Are all of the ballots that were sent in actually counted? (Marcus Johnson-Miller- facebook)

  • Yes, they are all counted.

Can I take my 9 year old with me to vote? She wants to see how it works. (Jessica Hamilton-facebook)


I mailed in 2 absentee ballot request forms using our new address. However, they were returned because they went to our old address. We are now marked as in-active. What do we need to do to vote? (Danielle Evans-facebook)

  • Go to your polling site for your new address, please check out the acceptable forms of identification on the Secretary of State website. Even if you are just changing addresses within the county, you will need to utilize the Election Day registration procedure:

I was wondering if you knew what I could do if I am currently living in Des Moines for college and have registered to vote in my hometown in Malvern, Iowa which is 2 hours away. What do I do?? (Shelby Sommerla-email)

What about college kids living in a different town that can't make it home on election day? (Michelle Simmons-facebook)

  • You can vote using Election/Same Day Registration, but you must relinquish your right to vote in Malvern for this election. You could also drive to Malvern.