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DAY AFTER: Party Making Plans

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Republican Congress Tom Latham and Steve King won big in Iowa on election night. But Republican congressional challengers John Archer and Ben Lange lost big, Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney comfortably and Republicans lost seats in the statehouse.

Overall, Tuesday night meant Iowa Democrats were the party of  partying. But Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker believes Republicans can't completely change who they are as a party. Spiker said, “You can't try to out Santa Claus the Democrat Party and they're giving away everything possible. And the country's going broke in the meantime. So you have to put forward a completed different viewpoint on what the role of government is.”

Having said that, Spiker knows his party is not in much of a partying mood. With Romney at the top of the ticket, Republicans underwhelmed. Spiker doesn’t deny talk on social media and cable television Wednesday that Romney dragged down the party’s performance on election night. He said, “It appears that way nationwide.If you look at the swing states, we weren't able to perform where we needed to perform."

‘There's a lesson there,” said conservative talk show host, Steve Deace. Deace said, “You can't win by abandoning your base.”

Deace thinks candidates like Romney represent the wrong future for the party. He wants Republicans to stick to core beliefs opposing same sex marriage, abortion and big government, not running candidates of different beliefs in different places. Deace believes the mantra forward should be, “The government that governs least governs best….that in the end, people ought to be responsible for their own decisions. In the end, there is a natural law of the planet emboldened by the creator in right or wrong and when we obey it, cultures are good and when we don't, cultures are bad.”

Spiker maintains it will be important for the party to unite the three different factions of Republicans that Romney failed to do: fiscal, social and constitutional conservatives. He said, “Our commitment needs to be as an individual, you can be anything you want to be if we get the government out of our way.” .