HOMETOWN GIRL: Jean Seberg Film Fest In Marshalltown

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This weekend Marshalltown remembers movie icon Jean Seberg. The Orpheum Theater will hold a film fest, and a special display of photos and artifacts from her life.

A Marshalltown native, Seberg starred in films with Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty, after being selected out of 18,000 entrants in a contest to star in the film St. Joan. She played the lead role of Joan of Arc, even though she only had one summer of acting experience. Landing the part brought her word wide fame in the 1950’s.

 “She came back from being selected for playing Joan of Arc in that film she was presented a key to the city of Des Moines by the acting mayor Charles Ihles, and she was also presented a key to the city of Marshalltown,’ said Pip Gordon, Festival Organizer. “Jean Seberg is not only a Marshalltown hometown girl she became an international film icon and I think a lot of folks in Iowa don’t understand about Jean Seberg is that she also became a fashion icon,” added Gordon.  Seberg  has appeared in many magazines. Recently she was in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine.

The Jean Seberg Film Festival kicks off Thursday night at the Orpheum in Marshalltown and runs through Sunday.   A number of her movies will be shown including Breathless, Airport, and Paint Your Wagon.  Get ticket information here.