KRYSTLE CLEAR: The Calm After The Storm

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The newsroom was awfully quiet today. A long and late election night usually has that effect.

Judging from Facebook and Twitter, many people have had just about enough election talk, so I will keep it short and sweet on that topic. Last night, I was at the Republican Headquarters with Sonya.

Sonya going live before the crowds started piling in

What I found interesting was what happened to the crowd as the results came in. At first, it was packed in there- a lot of excited volunteers, and supporters. But once the race clearly started leaning towards President Obama, the crowd severely thinned out. Congressman Elect Tom Latham even addressed that in his victory speech, saying “Nothing has really been called yet, but you folks are kind of thinning out the place so we wanted to come down and say thank you to you.”

Congressman Latham talking the stage with his family

I don’t know why I was surprised to see the crowd dissipate so quickly- maybe because as is the case with any busy event, it seemed as if I had only took my eyes away for one second and when I looked up again it had all changed! : One minute it was packed, and the next – not so much. I did talk to some volunteers afterwards (who had spent months and countless hours on the phones and knocking on doors in support of their candidates.) The ones I spoke with said although they were obviously disappointed with the presidential results, they in no way regretted all their hard work. As one woman put it, “It’s a sense of accomplishment for everyone that’s worked really hard for something that we had a passion for which is our country!”

At the end of the night, doing a quick stand up for the morning shows about Congressman Elect Latham’s victory. (Kind of a weird picture, I know- I grabbed a “freeze frame” from my story. You get the idea, though, right? :))

Me listening in on the head set during our election coverage. So many people”behind the scenes” at our station really help make nights like this possible!

On a completely different topic, I thought I should just mention my weekend (two weeks ago now) when my parents came to visit. I talked about it in my last post, and never followed up on it. Well, in a nut shell, it was a great weekend. My parents got to see the station for the first time (I am pretty sure they thoroughly enjoyed themselves) and I got to show them off to all my co-workers. So that was fun.

My parents looking like naturals sitting at the desk in the studio

My mom and I also participated in the Susan G. Komen event, and we ran into the ladies I had just done a story with the day before!

Me and the “Dirty Skirts”

It was an incredible event- very inspiring to see all of the supporters, and survivors and hear their stories! Next year, though we decided we are definitely doing the 5K- the mile walk went by way too quickly! 

Mom and I at the Race for the Cure. What an awesome event!