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Good Morning.  Lots to talk about today.

Four More Years

The President won re-election last night and did it in impressive fashion from an Electoral standpoint.  The popular vote was closer…

Turns out the Republican pollsters were just wrong.  Maybe I was just hoping for a more competitive race.  They believed the models used to come up with the poll results were off.  Turns out the demographics of the 2012 race looked a lot like 20008. 

The Electorate is changing.  Higher percentages of young voters, minorities and women all voted again.  The Republicans didn’t do anything to court these groups.  In fact, the Primary election ensured the nominee would be painted into a corner on immigration, Senate Candidates ensured Romney could be painted as anti-women/anti-choice/pro leave-it-to Beaver.  Outside groups like the Family Leader ensured moderate Republicans would be turned off by voices guided by a biblical view of government that, even many Christians, aren’t comfortable with.  There is a split in the Republican party for sure and unless the Party can come together and decide it has room for an expanded range of views…it is fighting a losing battle; not just against Democrats but  against Demographics.

The Judges

The issue of the Varnum Decision that opened the way for same-sex couples to marry didn’t have nearly the resonance the second time around.  When the issue was tied in with a general feeling in 2010 of “throw the bums out”, it worked.  When it was about one judge and one decision…it became clear this was an anti-gay marriage vote…and Iowans rejected that.   In fact in Two other states, voters affirmed the right of Same Sex Couples to marry and in the two states where a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage was on the ballot…it looks like voters will reject those as well.  This, again is a losing fight long-term when you look at demographics.


I can’t decide how this is going to go.  I want to believe these lawmakers are going to go back to Washington and work out a deal to cut the debt, reform the tax code and reform entitlements.  No one is going to “win” that debate, but I think it’s clear…no one really “won” this election.  It is going to take a combination of painful steps for the country to deal with the financial crisis it’s facing.  Everyone has to give…  

Then again, I also thought the polling might be off so what do I know?  

I walk away with the view that everyone needs to take a step back.  There will be a lot of Democrats I know that are convinced this election was a mandate for more liberal policies.  You only need to look at the popular vote and the map to see a huge swath of the country doesn’t feel that way.   Republicans have a lot to think about for the reasons above.  If we all can stop thinking the worst about the other side…Heartless Rich Republicans vs Commie Liberal Democrats…I think it would go a long way to solving the impasse.  The President said it well last night.  

I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We’re not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and forever will be, the United States of America.

That’s not what raises money for campaigns and it’s not what sells ads on Cable News networks…so I doubt it’s going to happen.  But today before they all go back to Washington I can hope.

One final note.  I’ve written some things here this election season that have disturbed some of my colleagues.  They felt it crossed a line.  They felt I’d embarrassed them.  Only one has actually said anything but it would appear the sentiment is more widespread.  If I’ve embarrassed anyone I apologize.  These thoughts are mine…they are, much of the time unvarnished and I hope that is what makes them interesting.  I’ve tried my best not to take a side in what I’ve written…and while many of you may believe I lean one way or the other politically…I believe my writing, my actual opinion…even my ballot yesterday would tell a much different story than some people have made up in their head.  

As I wrote in an email to an interested reader the other day, I’m not a fence sitter.  I try my best to see both sides of the story, acknowledge where my perspective begins and allow for the idea that I may be wrong….I hope that continual evaluation of my perspective makes it fair.  And that’s all I’m after.  

As always I hope you will comment agree or disagree with this blog.