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At 12 years old, Kourtney Terry couldn’t count on her vote to make a difference, so she took matters into her own hands as a volunteer. “I started in August making calls and door knocking. I made 5-tousand calls, around there, total,” said Terry, “This last Saturday I made 14-hundred calls in one night and stayed their twelve hours.”

Terry isn’t alone in her dedication to the Romney campaign- there were many volunteers who spent countless hours on the phone and knocking on doors to support the presidential candidate. And even though the results didn’t of as she and hundreds of volunteers had planned, Terry says she has no regrets.

“Everything I keep thinking am I tried as much as I can, I put all my hard work in it, and it’s all worth it and I feel like I did my part so there no reason to be disappointed,” said Terry.

The crowd at Tuesday night’s Republican Party Headquarters in Des Moines was a mixed bag of emotions, because while the party’s presidential candidate didn’t win, Congressman Elect Tom Latham pulled out a victory over incumbent Leonard Boswell. And his victory speech, Latham addressed those volunteers: “It’s because of you folks,” Congressman Latham said, “Thank you all so very much for all of your hard work."