WEEKLY WORKOUT: Team 13 Transformation

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For the next six weeks, Erin and I are on a mission - a mission to transform our diets and our bodies.  Even though we work out regularly, Erin and I are like most women - we'd like to firm up, lose some weight and improve our overall fitness level.

Personal trainer, Irene McCormick will put the through the paces in the gym.  At home, Erin and Sonya will attempt to eat clean and healthy.

We hope you'll follow along and take the transformation challenge as well.  We'll post our food logs and detailed information about each workout.

We begin by posting the results of our body fat and strength tests, measurements and weight.  This may actually be the hardest part of the challenge, but Irene assures us they're only numbers.  They do not define us.  It's simply a way to measure our progress.  So here goes.

Erin Kiernan Data

18% Body Fat

23 lbs. fat

102 lbs. Lean Mass

Category: Athletic

Measurements: Triceps 10.5 inches; Waist 27 inches; Hips 36.25 inches; Thigh 22.5 inches

Plank Hold Time: 2 minutes 48 seconds

Weight: 125 lbs.

Sonya Heitshusen Data

21% Body Fat

32 lbs. fat

121 Lean Mass

Category: Fit

Measurements: Triceps 11.5 inches; Waist 28 inches; Hips 38.5 inches; Thigh 28 inches

Plank Hold Time: 3 minutes 29 seconds

Resting Heart Rate: 52

Weight:153 lbs.13

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