YES WIGGINS: Iowans Vote To Retain Justice Wiggins

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Justice David Wiggins held onto his spot on the Iowa Supreme Court.   Voters approved keeping Wiggins on the bench with 54% of the vote.  For many, the election was less about Wiggins and more about same-sex marriage in Iowa.

"Today we celebrate.  We had a victory," says Donna Red Wing, Executive Director of One Iowa.

"We won that race whether Wiggins is retained or not retained," says Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader Tuesday night.

Vander Plaats says Iowans for Freedom, the group campaigning against Wiggins, did their job.

"There's going to be thousands upon thousands of Iowans voting no on his retention," he says.

The "No Wiggins" campaign claims he and the other justices legislated from the bench with their ruling that legalized same-sex marriage.

"It was mean-spirited, it was disrespectful to a Supreme Court Justice and they not only voted to retain Justice Wiggins, I think this was a vote on Bob Vander Plaats," says Red Wing.

"The family leader is not going away.  We're  always be involved in the issues of the sanctity of human life, God's design for the family with marriage and with parenting as well as education and religious liberty- all things that matter very deeply to us so we will stay very involved," says Vander Plaats.

Their supporters aren't going anywhere either.

"We just go out and we educate again.  The truth is on our side," says Iowans for Freedom volunteer Vicki Crawford at an election watch party Tuesday evening.

With the retention of Wiggins and wins for marriage equality across the country, One Iowa says the voters are their side.

"In the state of Maine, in the state of Maryland and in Washington State, same-gender folks will be able to marry because the voters said they could marry," says Red Wing.

Wiggins issued a statement today thanking "everybody who worked so hard to keep politics out of our courts."   He went on to "thank the people of Iowa who preserved the fairness and impartiality of Iowa's courts and agree that equal means equal."