VALOR AWARD: Hero Officers Being Honored

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Six Des Moines police officers are being honored Thursday for their bravery and heroic acts during a car crash last year.

In August of 2011 the officers responded to a fiery crash at the intersection of Southeast 14th and Hartford streets. When they got there, officers saw an SUV on its side, fully engulfed in flames.

Officers broke out a back window of the vehicle to rescue one of the victims, while other officers climbed on top of the vehicle to pull the second victim out a side window. Others used fire extinguishers from patrol cars while waiting for firefighters to arrive.

A third person did not survive the accident.

Sgt. Michael McTaggart, officers Colin Boone, Aaron Cawthorne, Jeremy Sprague, John Carter and Robin Swank are being honored at the State Capitol by Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds with the Sullivan Brothers’ Award of Valor.