PRESIDENT LITZEL?: Ames Man Says He’ll Run Again In 2016

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One look at Jerry Litzel’s interesting house, and you know something’s up…you figure he’s a history buff, but he says…

“No. Just Ames history, and the Civil War, and stuff from the Titanic.”

And presidential history! His collection is a big part of his crowded attic.

This year, Litzel got tired of posing with presidents and decided to try to become one. 

“You know, it’s my constitutional right to do that," said Litzel, who considers himself a conservative, "and I was making sure that the government hasn’t taken my right away.”

After gathering 1,500 signatures from ten Iowa counties, Litzel got his name on the presidential ballot. He says the Romney campaign was ticked.

“Romney’s lawyer from DC, he was rambling on and on, I don’t know what he was talking about, he was just taking up time.”

Litzel got to run and garnered 1,196 votes. At least one from 98 of Iowa’s 99 counties. 86 from Muscatine County, where he’s never even been. 

How did they even know his name?”

“Well, I have my name on the license plate of my car, so they might know it that way."

In Iowa, Litzel got more than twice as many votes as James Harris, of the Socialist Workers Party, and three times as many as Gloria La Riva of the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

He can’t wait to run again…but not for just any office.

“The only thing I could run for is governor in two years," he smile, "but you know, anybody can be the governor. I wanna be the president!”

So, he’s already planning ahead for 2016, and he could use your help.

“Well, we’re looking for a campaign bus…if anybody has one.”