WEEKLY WORKOUT: Team 13 Workout #2

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This is the second workout prepared for us by trainer Irene McCormick.  The motto this week is "Go hard or go home!"   We know it's going to be hard to stay on track because of Thanksgiving, but try doing this workout AND last week's workout every other day.

So let's get to it... right off the bat we're doing intervals on the treadmill.  Remember, you want to be sucking air.  Run as fast as you can!!!

For the first two resistance exercises you need heavy weights.  We're doing alternating lunges with biceps curls, followed by lateral lunges with a high pull.

You'll want lighter weights for the next set of exercises.  It's a shoulder sequence and it is brutal!

Repeat these three exercises.

If you want a bonus round, put down the weights and change the alternating lunges to a high-impact move.  You'll get a nice cardio blast.  Then switch to a baby squat with a side leg lift.

The last round is all about core.  It's called the "Side Plank Series".  The moves get progressively more difficult.  The way you position your feet is what determines the difficulty.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us.  Erin.Kiernan@whotv.com or Sonya.Heitshusen@whotv.com.  If you want to contact Irene, visit her website.

Team 13 Workout #2

Equipment: Hand Weights, Body Weight


*Always Warm Up Before Beginning


Run/walk intervals on the treadmill or outside.  2:1 ratio or 1:2 ratio.  For example, walk as fast as you can for three minutes, run fast for one minute and thirty seconds (or vice versa).  Try to reach a 300 calorie burn.


Round 1                   


Exercise #1- Step Back Lunge with Biceps Curl  for 10 repetitions (20 total)

Exercise #2- Lateral Lunges with a High Pull 15 repetitions each side

Exercise #3 - Shoulder Sequence:

                       Lateral Raise, Front Raise, Overhead Press Descending Pyramid

                       8 of each, 4 of each then 2 of each


Bonus Round

Exercise #1 - Alternating Lunges (body weight only), transition to high-impact for cardio

Exercise #2 - Squats with a Side Leg Lift

Round 2                   

Side Plank Series (perform on both the right and left sides 10 each exercise)

Exercise #1-Side Plank with feet open

Exercise #2- Side Plank with feet stacked

Exercise #3-Side Plank hold the top leg up

Exercise #4-Heel Beats (lying on side bring bottom leg to top leg)

Exercise #5-Scissors (top leg moves front first)

Exercise #6- Plank Hold 10 counts slow

Exercise #7-Downward Facing Dog to Plank 10x


Don't forget to stretch!!!