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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Workout 1A For Team 13

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Team 13 Workout #1a

Equipment: Hand Weights, Body Weight, TRX

Do this workout every other day, or twice a week for the next week.  Try to exercise six days a week, with five of those days being INTENSE.  If you don't have access to a gym you can do walking/running intervals outside or run/walk stairs inside.



Warm Up 5-minutes, then

10- 15 Minutes on the Elliptical Trainer using a 2:1 intensity ratio

  • After your warm up, go 40 seconds at your own tempo and then go for 20 seconds fast , but stay in control

  • Try this technique 10 times


Testing:                    Plank Pose Held for as long as possible

                                    Weight, Resting Heart rate


Perform each exercise, 2-3 times for 30-seconds each


Exercise #1              Messy Lunge

  • Hold a weight in your hands as you lower down into a lunge. Move side to side maintaining both feet on the floor and staying low.

Exercise #2              Push Up

  • Draw an imaginary line between your thumbs and place your chest directly over the line. Stay on your toes if possible and perform 10 push-ups. To make the exercise easier, place your feet wide, and move them closer as you get stronger

Exercise #3              3-Part Squat Sequence

  • Hold a 10 lbs. weight in your hands. Perform 10 squats with an overhead lift; then perform 10 more squats and add a knee lift; continue on performing 10 more lunges add an elegant lunge (curtsey lunge with a side sweep)

Challenge Round   Oblique Crunches in the TRX

  • Perform oblique crunches for 30-seconds 3 x

Flexibility                Yoga Stretches

  • Downward facing dog, high plank, upward dog