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WINTER READY: Preparing Your Home For The Cold

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We may have had one last fling with summer over the weekend, but winter is here to stay now, which means it’s time to prepare your home. Experts say it may cost you some time and money, but winterizing will be worth it in the long run.

“If you can keep the heat in your house, it’s going to keep the money in your pocket,”says Dave Fiebich, Home Winterizing.

According to the Department of Energy, winterizing can save a homeowners as much as 25 percent on heating costs.

The work is relatively simple, if you don’t want to pay someone to do it.  Start by checking for areas in your home where heat can escape, most commonly around doors and windows. Then use plastic sheeting to seal off the entire window or simply install new weather stripping and use caulk to fill cracks and crevices.

Fiebich says, “You can spend as little as $5-10 and save yourself quite a bit of money, depending on the leakage around doors and windows.”

Changing your furnace filter is also a big help.

Iowans who still need help with their heating bills can get some through LIHEAP, the federal home heating assistance program.

More information about qualifying and applying for help is available here.