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CATCH DES MOINES: New Phrase To Draw Visitors

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The folks in charge of marketing the metro as a place to come and visit are hoping that people catch on to Des Moines’ new brand.

The catchy new slogan, Catch Des Moines, is supposed to develop a new identity for the city and draw more people to visit.

The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiled the new brand at a special event Tuesday night.

They say the new logo, tagline, website and advertising have been more than a year in the making.  

“Our research shows that using the word ‘catch’ throughout our messaging demonstrates the true ease of our city, while also communicating that we are hip, vibrant and fun,” said Greg Edwards, President and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission. “These are specific attributes visitors expect and experience here. This makes the newly identified brand more believable and relevant.

Catch Des Moines, replaces the familiar, See Des Moines they have been using for the last few years.

The idea is to create a new unified identity for the city, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Des Moines Area Sports Commission to bring in tourism dollars, and in turn improve the quality of life for residents.